The Reality

Dark Whispers is a Role Playing Game that is played via e-mail. It is based on no ONE idea in particular. Think of every supernatural book you ever read, every super-mutant comic you've ever devoured, every fantastical movie you've loved. The characters and ideas that these invoke in you... That's Dark Whispers.

The Society

Dark Whispers operates just below the surface of the world as we know it. It is believed to have existed since the dawn of time, though its full history is known to no man or beast alive. If the dead know the story, they are keeping it to themselves.

The Legalities

This is not real. (DUH, people.) The idea of Dark Whispers belongs to the individuals who played Aldrich Bramwell and Biana Nen. It was created in the fall of 2000, and game play kicked off in January, 2001. After a hiatus in 2004, it returned briefly in the fall of 2005 before its termination. The game has since evolved from its origins, and reopens again in its new format in 2007.

The Balance of Power

10 FEB 2007, by AB

The evolution has begun. Opening date has not been determined. As the page is currently in the works, none of the links are active.

TIME HOLDS THE SECRETS... It is unknown when Dark Whispers first flared into existence. Its members are an elite group of the supernatural society, destined to keep order and balance in the world. In this rendition of Dark Whispers, game play moves from New Orleans, lush with intrigue, to the mysterious and ever-changing Pacific Northwest.

What you need to know

Please be sure to read through all of the information before you apply. We realize there are a lot of words here, but this game is structured differently than most of the RPG's out there, and it will make your life (and ours) so much easier if you come in with a basic understanding.